Chocolateva's fruit

try to be usefull person,simplify,share,and smiled ^^

Yes,we can :D

Andrea Hirata is inspiration person

I think, we can get something out of our mind

suddenly, it also make us to realize that

smaller thing can be big thing, inspiration

can create the truth,dream will come true,

smile will be done,..:p

Orang tua Qta pasti seneng, jika kita bisa

menginspirasi orang lain, menyemangati orang

lain, bermanfaat bagi orang lain dan membuat

orang lain tersenyum….YupZ, musti mulai dari

diri sendiri, galilah inspirasi untuk

mengawalinya, bubuhi dengan semangat, lakukan

dengan tujuan, dan iringi dengan

senyuman….hehehe(Lets try to be done… )

“As long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits…”

dan tu di mulai dari “The experience is the

best teacher” truz2 “Keep smiling” 🙂 ma “Keep


(_”)G mudah bwt melakukannya..

(“_) ^_^ memang…Butuh proses…yang penting

da niat dulu = >
I remember the story about Apple’s Tree that

change children to be adult in his

life,mind,soul,dream,and eyes..

Let me try to retell it..(At the same time, I

can learn english =),althought,I can’t speak

english fluently,and my grammar and verb are

limited, I will try to make someone who read

this story become to understand xp)
May be,it can help us to get inspiration and

motivation 🙂

One Day,there was simple family who had two

childrens,planed apple’s tree in front of

their house. They lived in the small village

in the middle of the sea. It made them

thinking the way to access the outside of

their environment.But, they could do it well.

They felt grateful that had had the

opportunity to enjoy their live in the

beautiful place with wave

spalshing,turf,windy,and fair. Although, the

weather sometime wasn’t support.
The son often played in above of the tree. He

shared and talked all about his

life,everything. He had unique imagination and

beautiful mind to find his characteristic by

“Good afternoon, I come back again. You will

give me an apple, won’t you?  ^_^ just

kidding.(an apple which has red colour, fresh

and sweet taste, falled in his hand)
Oh…thank you.Kindness tree…^^ I will tell

you about my friend.. She make me

Everyday, he always came and ate its fruit. He

grew to be teenagers person. He said,”I will

play chess,but I don’t have it”.
“Make it from my stick”,tree replied.
“I need some money to buy the science

book.But, Forget it.”, he said again.”Bring my

fruit to the market and sell it then use to

pay your book”,tree answered.
“Hey,rain fall”,”shelter,my leaf will protect

The tree always tried to help him. Now, he

become adult person.
“I will go to the city, I want to get good job

and change my life”, he said.
“My wood can be made to be a boat. It can help

you to cross the sea”
“Thank you”,he felt happy, because his dream

will come true.
Long time. Finally, he could change his life,

get a good job, and interesting experience.
He came to his village and visited the tree.

What is he saw? He just saw root rest of

apple’s tree.
He remember, they had made beautiful memories.
And his tear wet his cheek.

Hehehe..akhirnya selese…gtu critanya,coba

Qta analogikan the son sbg Qta dan pohon apel

sebagai orang tua Qta…

Setiap hari anak itu mendatangi, bercerita dan

bermain dengan pohon,sama kyk Qta yang selalu

membutuhkan kasih sayang orang tua,

membutuhkan tempat pertama buat beradaptasi

sehingga menuntun Qta untuk menemukan karakter


Anak itu meminta apel, Qta juga dibesarkan,

diberi makan, dididik sama orang tua Qta tanpa

Qta harus meminta

Ketika anak itu ingin bermain catur dan

membeli buku, sang pohon menawarkan dengan

suka rela, Qta tidak sadar, jika selama ini

Qta selalu meminta(hehehe) secara langsung

ataupun tidak langsung, tapi orang tua Qta

akan mengusahakan dan memberikan yang terbaik

bwt Qta…Alhamdulillah, I lup you


Saat hujan turun, sang anak berteduh di pohon,

sama juga, Orang tua akan selalu melindungi


Saat anak itu ingin mengubah hidupnya dan

pergi ke kota, pohon tak segan2 memberikan

kayunya sebagai bahan membuat perahu..
Nah,Orang tua Qta dengan sekuat tenaga akan

mendukung Qta untuk menemukan jalan hidup yang

baik, dan bermanfaat misalnya pendidikan Qta.

Saat sang anak kembali, pohon tinggallah akar.
Jika orang tua Qta tiada nanti,,Qta akan

teringat dengan semua kenangan,perjuangan,dan

kasih sayangnya.
Beruntunglah Qta yang masih mempunyai orang

tua, jadi sudah sepantasnya Qta mempunyai

semangat yang lebih agar tidak

mengecewakannya, alhamdulillah, masih diberi

kesempatan untuk menyayanginya, merawatnya,

menolongnya, berbakti kepadanya, tertawa

bersama, kumpul bersama…..
Tapi terkadang Qta melewatkannya…….


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