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try to be usefull person,simplify,share,and smiled ^^

beside true story =)

I wanna tell you about my true story. It continues for reaching my goal posting before.(keyword is trying ^^) When I’m in high school.I had unique teacher. She belongs to a woman of mark. She is very discipline,firm, unpredictable,direct and to the point. But she is kind person. We respect her who teachs us to think, do and respon quickly.

I miss her who makes us know grammar and answer question spontaneously. The first time we met. We couldn’t answer her question. I don’t know such as different atmosphere. Are we feeling same for the moment? =) She asked how do you do? and what is our answer… There are answered..He was born in .. the time was… she lived in .. and what is my answer? I said that I’m fine =D (I know, my friends were keeping a straight face when hear it). Whereas the good response is how do you do. We knew that she look forward to hearing it patiently. But, this is our first mistake =).

I remember when she requested us to mention several vocabulary included infinitive, past tense, past participle and the meaning for the first time. We couldn’t response well and stay cool in rotation. So, what is the effect? We were not taught for two days(I hope I remember). We apologized to her for our mistake by declaration included all my classfriends signed. But, thanks to her. It really improves our vocabulary for the moment =D.

I miss her when she is smiled. She is unpredictable. One day, she gave us note by writing on blackboard. We stayed on two confused condition between just stayed for listening her or began for writing one. My friends who sat in front line, took decision to write. She only smiled and my friends also reply with huge smiled. Suddenly, quite.. when we heard , get out of here. All of pen were being held on, we planked down.keep silent. But, it makes us learning to know, understand and respect someone.

I miss her when she sang. My classfriends have special song which is More than words by westlife for the moment. After finishing our duty, we sang this song together.Our tears flowing. Sweep out of ceremonial party.Previously, we were given duty. There were making speech, conversation, story, and advertisement. I got story division. I were retelling story about sheep in the red chili pepper.It makes me laugh when I see the video. I imitated voice sheep and acted like them. So nice moment defensively =D

What make we successful? just not something we have reached but the point is process to reach the goal…

Whatever have you known, Learn more…

Just smiled, don’t keep a straight face =D

remember your friends who share in the same struggle…

Thanks to Allah for all


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