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try to be usefull person,simplify,share,and smiled ^^

sometimes person can smile although her shadow cry,
sometimes person can hide her problem although she wanna scream,
sometimes person need advice when  she feels wrong although she looks like nothing happen

sometimes person can’t understand herself but she gets to know others
sometimes person can’t be angry but she shouldn’t be angry
sometimes person will try to say that she needs to say but she don’t wanna hurted

sometimes person does the own way, selfopinionated whereas who knows the truth
sometimes person wanna do perfectly, self-initiating whereas needs self-development
sometimes person satisfied, self-steering whereas forgets decision process

trust your heart that will guide you to the right path because Allah knows what we needed.

Pohon jati, akarnya akan berkelana mencari air untuk dirinya
Pohon jati, batangnya akan mengalirkan air untuk dirinya
Pohon jati, daunnya akan mengugurkan diri untuk mengurangi penguapan

“Mari sahabat, merancang stasiun-stasiun kenangan sebagai tonggak dan pilar kesejahteraan yang kita ciptakan pada momen-momen kehidupan, merancang stasiun kenangan tidak boleh melupakan bahwa kita punya batas kemampuan” (tarbawi)


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