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Noodle story

There is funny story from my friend. It’s about  her friend experience in other country.

Waitress      : “What can I do for you?”
Indonesian   : “May I order this one? spicy please.”
Waitress        : “ok. Would you mind waiting us? thank you”
She sit down besides foreigner. She try to smile, friendly and talk something. She wish She talked English fluently.
Indonesian : “Do you like ‘mie’?”
Foreigner   : “What?”
Indonesian : “I mean, do you like ‘mie’?”
That time, she point toward noodle which was eating him.
Foreigner   : “Do you want it?”
Foreigner feels strange with her.
Waitress   : “Excuse me”
Waitress bring her order.
Indonesian  : “No, no, no. I don’t want. I have too. I mean, do you like noodle? In my country, we usually call noodle with mie. m-i-e”
Foreigner laugh.
Foreigner  : “ok. Never mind. I like you”

That is her story. How about your story? 🙂 evening time… *remember noodle advertisement

I just wanna motivate that we need good communication to show what we mean. Process to learn and evaluate. Process to know that knowledge is important. But sometimes, if we can’t express our purpose through language, We can express ones through body language and our feeling. Just do it to do more and more. Be patient and keep learn. Thanks for read 🙂


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