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How to make comfort with yourself? just be yourself. How to make comfort with others?  just be yourself and you will find the truth. We know, there are many different character around us. Sometimes we can feel a warm environment but we’ll also find another one. Although we have kind of thinking, argument or something else, I believe that kind person will keep their attitude  to make people around them comfortable. They wouldn’t let someone get pained. Don’t take it to heart, sometimes like weigh words, but it works. Just smile and you’ll find person front of you do the same thing. You’ll feel the truth when you get the bitter, but that’s the truth. If you reveal the truth and that’s fine, then you’re lucky.  So, what is the difference of disapproving and advising when we tell something? it will be determined by the way of delivering. When you communicate it with a secret, it will be called advising, and when you deliver it with unreservedly, it may become disapproving someone. Intuitive or not, things like this are all around us 🙂 just let’s be careful.


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