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Do you get my point?

we never know what will happen tomorrow, next hour, minute or even second. We’ll never know. If you feel happy now, then it’s truely time to be happy. If you feel warm now, just contemplating, you also must be warmly.There isn’t tear that should drop, think if you get flash on your mind, and I believe that something happen for reason.Should we consider to keep crying? I anticipate for our key capable to lock and unlock.Just thinking a big problem ever solved before, I repeat a big problem ever solved before. We are never alone.  We have Allah. Allah give us everything even we don’t realize. So, keep go straight and we’ll find miracle.

Now in my mind :

May I ask you?
(Yes of course).
May I request?
(I’ll enroll my capability).
(What do you think?).
Will you answer  my question without ask around?
(just give me your question).
Should I repeat my question?
May you ask me?
(What for?).
May you clarify something?
(I’ll never clarify if I get the point of your question).
Can you explain me, how to make you understand?
(You shouldn’t give me firing question. Can you trust me? I’ll get to know).
Okey, I believe you will answer substantively. Let me ask you.
(Huum, then what is your question?).
But, did you ever answer annoying question?
(annoying? what do you mean? If you ask me one again without nonceword, it may belong to annoying one, doesn’t it?)
I conceive, it become your questioning look. I have already done. Thanks for your answer.
(what? I haven’t even said anything). Did you realize? I ask your readiness to encounter me.

Sometimes, what we have plan won’t according appropriately
Sometimes, we don’t know, there are a big plan precisely 🙂


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