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Between rain and happiness

Like fog that will fade away slowly. Hmm let me see, how can I think about it?
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Aujourd’hui, I feel confused with myself. But wait. It’s not at all.I just wanna make a quality time today. What a wonderful day when we can spend it usefully. Okay, I have 17 list to do with my daily tagline, “Bismillah, what’s going on today? ^^ ” *thinkingEmoticon. This time which is three-quarters of the way, and little left time, I’m doing to set a going point 7 and 12. Do you see? Guess, what is it? ^^ post blog and read a book. Set the heather on fire, I hope that I can got over with and leave that don’t allow. How to do things? I set a plan for my post material, but it don’t work. My mind jump suddenly. No, it don’t bother me. Are you searching somebody or something? I hope you calm and don’t worry. *exactly it begin again. Fell not clearly 😉 Okay, I think this post isn’t too far from my plan. Still struggling with my effort to practice and learn english ^^. Previously, I wanna try to make resume 30 points that should be learn and focus when we wanna take english test like TOEFL or EPRT. I get a good reference ones from laboratorium language student in my campus. He has shared it in one of groups which I have been joined.He gives several list clues to help us for solving problem in part of structure and written expression also listening, also reading comprehension. May be next time ^^ So, I guess this post will become warming up. I suspect that I’ll enjoy to tell something story in different language which ever I commonly used 😉

Next chapter..
I don’t mind if others think strange about me. *Actually I fell strange by myself today, I don’t know why :p I’ll play back what’s the matter. Do you know what? It’s still running on their path. So, it’s not the root of the problem. Tidy room, change my room layout, cooking simple food, time memorizing, read articles, praying, cleaned up, make little marketing announcement, alhamdulillah done ^^ But after that, I contemplate something that I don’t know what I was thinking. One think I should know, Somebody will ever be in the same situation. Sometimes you wanna tell someone importance thing, face to face or not, heart to heart, even not be realized. You may ask someone to advice you, even it’ll affect or not. Your mind jump suddenly, flashback, forward again then not moving, right? or you never ever do this. But I feel calm. Remember that  God works in His timing, not us. So we have to be patience. Smile smile I wanna smile just smile. I become lucky person who can find inspiring person around me. I have dream to be one of them. Who didn’t want? Somebody says, watch me. Another also quote, strive to be better. There are also say, give the best, prove it, we can do it, I’ll wait you. Positive aura 🙂
Sometimes we ever ask, do you know me? did I now you? do you catch my object? not yet? did I get your point? not too? do you think silent means yes? But not rarely, people keep it in their mind. =) Allah will set and give us the best. I believe, He’ll guide us and convey our hearts and mind. Saturn radar, isn’t it?  What will be ours, we’ll get and vice versa right?

I don’t know why, I love rain so much ^^ It makes me comfortable. Silent, calm and soothing sounds of rain. Rain makes everything better sometimes 😉 Get the rest, let us deserve by listenng it carefully. I have called my father and mother. I think we make a good conversation and discuss a lot of  topic. enough for today. Alhamdulillah. Thanks for Allah 🙂 That is why it’s called “the present”. 🙂

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