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As long as we have hope…..

“As long as we have hope…tomorrow awaits….”<kata manis ini,aQ dpt dari “motivation” ebook>

Selama kita mempunyai suatu  harapan…hari esok akan selalu menanti kita…semua akan indah jika kita nikmati dan lalui dengan penuh syukur….Hanya saja terkadang kita lupa akan hal itu..

I believe that something never neglect…But I consider if we wash our time today, we will feel confused tomorrow and say what have I do…

I hope I won’t be it…I try to bring and struggle my dream for my future.It means just not for me but for all person in my life which make me get inspiration. May be, it belong you who read about it.


2 comments on “As long as we have hope…..

  1. chocolateva
    August 23, 2008

    Smile can solve your problem…I means the first choice to do….^^ Smile can make another fell comfort then will make us comfortable….
    Life is like pieces of puzzle that make us to combine it well..So arrange your journey, plan, and hope…to be a wonderful memories.Smile

  2. Jeisha
    November 18, 2009

    so sweet banged va.. 🙂

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